Ginny Paleg

Pediatric PT

Ginny Paleg is a pediatric PT from Silver Spring, Maryland. She has worked at NIH, HSC Pediatric Center (where she
ran a one week intensive program, and was part of the team that started the equipment clinic), adult group homes
and in schools. For the past 14 years, she has worked for her local school system in their early intervention program.

She earned her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Emory University and her DScPT at the University of Maryland
Baltimore. She is on the editorial board of Rehab Management Magazine. In 2013 she was appointed by her
governor to the Maryland Insurance Commission Habilitation work group. An active member of the APTA, Ginny has
served as a state representative and reimbursement specialist.

Ginny has published five articles in peer reviewed journals; two on standing (J Pediatr Rehabil Med, 2011 and PedPT,
2013), one on gait trainers (Clin Rehan 2015) and two on power mobility (BJO, 2013 and DMCN, 2014). Her systematic
review of dosing guidelines for adult standing programs was recently accepted for publication as well. She presented
a long program on Postural Management at the APTA CSM 2015 and will present a symposia at the World PT
Conference in Singapore (May 2015) on early mobility with Elisabet Rodby-Bousquet.

She recently became certified for General Movement Assessment, a tool which has a 92-98% success rate at
identifying which 2-5 month old infants will have cerebral palsy. Ginny specializes in assessment and interventions for
children at the GMFCS Levels 4 and 5.

Please feel free to contact Ginny at [email protected]